Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park

Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park is your chance to get up close with more than 150 species of wildlife and birds. The Wildlife Park is among the six adventure lands that make up the entire magical world of Sunway Lagoon. Located in Subang Jaya, Selangor, this park offers a variety of attractions and interactive activities, such as animal feeding, exotic displays, and live performances that never fail to captivate both children and adults. Getting an exclusive opportunity to interact and learn about wild species, from small animals to birds, mammals, and reptiles, is definitely something you would not want to miss!

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River Terrapin Conservation

Southern River Terrapins once abundantly inhabited the rivers of Malaysia, but their numbers declined dangerously over the last few decades due to habitat destruction, loss of nesting sites, and severe pollution.

Undertaken in collaboration with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN), this initiative by Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park aims to save the exotic Terrapins from extinction. Conservation efforts include raising public awareness about the critically endangered Terrapins as well as providing safe nesting conditions and hatch care until it's time to release them back into their natural habitat.

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Enchanting Exhibits

The Wildlife Park in Sunway Lagoon features several unique habitats, such as Rimba Village, Tree Top Terrace, White Lion Kingdom, and Tigerland, where visitors may observe the everyday antics of various animals. The Rimba is the park's reptile center, housing snakes and iguanas.

And, if you enjoy viewing colorful plump Koi fish swimming about in groups, The Lake is the place to be. While the Tree Top House is the abode of the exotic black panther, the Sun Bear enclosure is the habitat of the ferocious black bear. While you're touring the lovely exhibits, don't forget to visit the Jungle Trail to see what animals and birds, such as flamingos, raccoons, and hornbills, do the whole day.

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Wild Encounters

In the Wild Encounters attraction, you can not only observe the natural antics of animals in their uniquely designed habitats but can even interact, pet, and take photos with several of them. If you love birds, the first destination you must visit is the Bird Savannah. Here, you may enjoy being imitated by colorful parrots and macaws and watching them solve simple mathematical questions.

Another attraction for bird enthusiasts is the Aviary, where you can closely observe some of the most spectacular bird species, including peacocks and great white pelicans. Besides birds, you may meet meerkats, African spurred tortoises, a black swan, and prairie dogs at the Pet Village.

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The White Lion Kingdom

This is your chance to meet the king of the jungle, the majestic white lion Zola, and his lady love Zuli. The Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park is the only place in Malaysia where you can glimpse a lion, as they are not naturally found in the region.

This beautiful pair of white lions have arrived in the city from the Timbavati region and the Kruger Park of South Africa. Contrary to popular belief, the near-white blonde fur of the white lions is not due to albinism but because of a rare condition known as leucism that causes less pigmentation.

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Tiger Land

Meet the sapphire blue-eyed exotic white tigers from India, Samson, and Asha, at the Tiger Land enclosure of the park. The origin of the white tiger was first documented in India between 1556 and 1605.

A white tiger, later named Mohan, was captured from the wild by a Maharaja in 1915 and nurtured in his palace. The white tiger population is thought to be descended from Mohan and is among the rarest subspecies of tigers in the world.

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    Vuvuzela: Vuvuzela is the world’s largest Vortex ride and the highlight of Sunway Lagoon Water Park. It is a massive water slide that sends you spinning side to side on your float at a high speed until you get through the funnel and down to the pool.

    Waterplexx 5D: Equipped with fascinating 3D special effects, water jets, mist, wind, sprays, fog, lasers, and light, Waterplexx 5D promises you a wild multi-sensory ride.

    Cameroon Climb: Cameroon Climb, the world's first double tube slide, will push your float down a steep 15-meter drop. It will also abruptly draw you back up to 8 meters.

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