Sunway Lagoon Rides

Divided into 6 different theme parks, the Sunway Lagoon Rides are among the best places to have fun and adventure in Malaysia. With over 80 rides and different activities to enjoy in The Amusement Park, Waters of Africa Park, The Wildlife Park, the Scream Park, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, and the Extreme Park, Sunway Lagoon is a complete package for the entire family to explore together.

Kids will love the friendly rides like the carousel, wagon wheel, and Apache Pots. Kid-friendly experiences at the Sunway Lagoon include the Hippo Valley, Little Zimbabwe, and the Fun World among many others. The Waterplexx 5D is an interactive experience that will bring thrill and excitement to both the adults and the kids.

Surf beach is a hit among surfers coming from all around the globe. Among other major Rides in Sunway Lagoon is the Vuvuzela, the world's largest, highest, and most adventurous ride. Pirates Revenge, Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster, and Kubarango are a few of the rides which will ensure a major adrenaline rush as you enjoy the day in this amazing theme park.

Amusement Park Rides at Sunway Lagoon Park


The little ones will love all the thrill and adventure that comes their way. However not all Sunway Lagoon rides are kid-friendly, so if the kids don't pass the height requirement on some, they still have plenty of options.

Go spinning around with them in the Apache Pots or take the wagon wheel to give them something exciting. The best would be taking a ride on the carousel as they feel like they are flying above the ground.

Fun World.png
Fun World

The Fun World is the perfect entertainment area for the entire family to spend some quality time together. Take part in the small games in the Fun World and win something for your loved ones.

Even the little kids can take part in the various games and try their hand at winning something to take back home. A plush toy reward will brighten up the day, as there are plenty of options in the claw machine game.

Pirate's Revenge.jpg
Pirates Revenge

Thrill, excitement, adventure! One of the most amazing and adventurous Sunway Lagoon Rides, Pirates Revenge will have you clutching your belt and seat. The pirate ship is a 360° rotating ship that is shaped like a galleon.

The galleon welcomes guests with its vibrant colors and unique design, as the visitors embark on a journey full of adrenaline rush and screams. The ride then turns upside down and then back up. This is not a kid-friendly ride and neither is it good for someone with a fear of height.

Pedestrian Suspension Bridge.jpg
Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

If you are visiting the amusement park to get some kicks out of it and a lot of adrenaline rush, head to the Pedestrian Suspension Bridge. A relatively safer but one of the adventurous Rides In Sunway Lagoon, this experience takes place at the height of 60 feet above the ground. The 428m long bridge is enlisted as the longest bridge in the Malaysia Book of Records Holder. The view from the top is stunning, as the entire park is visible from the bridge.

Lost City Of Gold Scream Coaster.jpg
Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster

Adventure seekers have a special place for roller coasters in their hearts. The ups and downs as well as the crazy turns and twists leave them on an adrenaline high which brings them immense joy. The Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster is the same, as you scream at the top of your lungs through the amazing ride of this Sunway Lagoon roller coaster.

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon Rides

Vuvuzela (World’s Largest Vortex Ride)

Vuvuzela is the world's largest, highest, most adventurous water ride, and something that visitors can enjoy on their trip to Sunway Lagoon. The beast among Sunway Lagoon Rides, the ride entails guests being launched into the belly of the beast Vuvuzela from a tower that's equivalent to the height of 11 storied buildings. Going with the flow, twists, and turns before ultimately disappearing into the belly, this ride brings a rush of adrenaline.

Little Zimbabwe.jpg
Little Zimbabwe

Little Zimbabwe is a cultural as well as recreational adventure. The water playground is created in the form of an African village, where there are various huts, and activities at Sunway Lagoon for kids, and the entrance is guarded by the Masai warriors.

The huts provide a beautiful backdrop as the little ones splash and jump around the interactive playground. With various rides and activities, kids will enjoy their time at Little Zimbabwe without any fear or hesitation. This is indeed one of the safer and kid-friendly Rides in Sunway Lagoon.

Waterplexx 5D.jpg
Waterplexx 5D

The Waterplexx 5D is one of the most visually pleasing and greatest Rides In Sunway Lagoon. The ride is a brilliant cinematic experience that both the kids and adults enjoy together.

Taking the entire family on the ultimate ride through a multi-sensory path, the Waterplexx 5D ensures thrill and adventure for everyone. As you pass through the beautiful scenery, with wind, mist, fog, sprays, fountains, water jets, light, lasers, 3D visuals, movement, and sound, you will seriously be left in awe of the experience.

Surf Pool.jpg
Surf Beach (World’s Largest Surf Pool)

The Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach is a wonder that was constructed as a wonderful spot for visitors from all around the world to enjoy a good time under the warm sun. Enjoy a relaxing time on the man-made beach or go for some water sports activities like surfing or water hoarding.

Visitors can also indulge in a game of beach volleyball with friends and family. The beach is also home to Malaysia's only surf simulator which is known as 'Flowrider'. Since the waves can be personalized, both beginners and professionals love Surf Beach.

Water Parks Rides at Sunway Lagoon Park

SpngeBob Splash Adventure.jpg
SpongeBob Splash Adventure

Sunway Lagoon Rides creates an interactive experience for kids and adults to enjoy with their amazing backdrops and storylines, the same as the SpongeBob Splash Adventure.

Enjoy your time with the entire family in the ruins of the long-lost civilization, along with geysers, water cannons, slides, and waterfalls. Guests can also play catch with SpongeBob and the entire Bikini Bottom Gang. Get a little messy with slime war, and enjoy the day with laughter.

Monsoon 360.jpg
Monsoon 360

Begin the countdown in your head as you stand arms crossed, on the top of a trap door, waiting for it to open any second. As the trap door opens, guests are taken on an incredible and unique journey of vertical free fall.

Monsoon 360 is not for the faint-hearted as guests free fall through a height and reach up to the speeds of 60 kmph in about 2 seconds. The ride leaves participants breathless and high on an adrenaline rush. To add to this excitement, you can bet with friends and family about who reaches below first.

jungle furry.jpg
Jungle Fury

The Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon is a one-of-a-kind theme park in Malaysia. One of the most adventurous Rides in Sunway Lagoon, Jungle Fury gives an over the edge experience with family and friends. The ride takes you on a thrilling journey of surprise drops, twisting turns, and endless fun. The entire family can participate in the activity together and enjoy the wholesome experience.


Endless thrill and adrenaline await on this adventurous ride as guests will be oscillating, splashing into the water, and get to feel weightless for a moment. Take the steep drop with your few riders, after which you are taken up at a vertical angle before bringing you in reverse free fall. Splash into the water and then up again, after enjoying the feeling of weightlessness and reverse free-fall for a few seconds.

Splish Splash.jpg
Splish Splash

A water haven for kids to enjoy, Splish Splash is an interactive experience that combines many water features to make it the best. Brightly colored water effects will captivate the kids as they relax and have fun surrounded by the falls, forts, and jets to soak them wet.

The bright colors and cool vibe make it the perfect spot to hang out during the day, as kids will find relief from the warmth of the sun.


A combination of 3 Sunway Lagoon Rides, Primeval is a great experience for people of all ages. The 3 rides included in the experience are Cobra Creek, Boa Constructor, and Crocodile Guy.

Embark on the journey of these 3 rides as guests are taken through different exciting turns, twists, and drops. The path of the ride passes through the trees, and hills and merges into the gullies to provide a stunning view of nature.

Hippo Valley.jpg
Hippo Valley

Experience the tribal life as you settle with the family amidst the scenery of the rainforest. On the banks of the waterway, which is the meeting point of all rivers, catch a drink and lay under the sky watching the sunset.

You will find the Hippos relaxing and swimming in the waterway, and monkeys swinging from one tree to another. As the tribal drums and warrior calls fill the atmosphere from a distance, catch the 'Whopping Splash' coming your way.

Wonder Steps.jpg
Wonder Steps

Take the journey to the Lost Empire and explore the rainforest on the way. You will be greeted by explorers' camps, columns, and a magnificent fortress in addition to serene waterfalls and greenery.

Climb up the wonder steps, and reach the epicenter of the lost empire. You will find hurdles like cascading waterfalls and such on your way, adding thrill and excitement to the journey.

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FAQs of Sunway Lagoon

What are the best kid-friendly rides at Sunway Lagoon?

    • Apache Pots: A fun activity for the entire family, this ride will not require your young ones to be tall to enjoy it. Sit in the pot and go around spinning with your kids giggling throughout the ride.

    • Carousel: The carousel is going to be a favorite of the kids as they go round and round, sitting on their favorite animals. The colorful ambiance of the ride adds to the joy of the kids.

    • Fun World: In addition to unlimited fun, your kids will get a chance to win goodies for themselves to take back home. Create memories for a lifetime as you and the young ones try their best to win their favorite plush toy from the claw machine game or the dart game.

    • Spongebob Splash Adventure: Playing catch with their favorite character from Nickelodeon will be the highlight for the young stars. As SpongeBob and the whole Bikini Bottom Gang assemble in the ruins of the long-lost civilization, kids can safely enjoy a slime fight with their family.

    • Little Zimbabwe: A water playground for the young ones to relax and enjoy, Little Zimbabwe is based in a small African village. Kids love the vibrant backdrop, huts, and the Masai warriors that guard the entrance. Let them play around, splash, run and have fun with friends while you watch them or play along with them.

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