Things To Do At Sunway Lagoon Park

The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park activities are really fun for visitors of all ages which is segregated into six different divisions with multiple exciting games. The Sunway Lagoon Activities will surely blow away your mind. Hence, it is a fabulous destination for spending a superb weekend in Malaysia. It is the first amusement park in the world with the Nickelodeon theme. Your kids will love the incredible activities with so many additional features.There are multiple things to do with Sunway Lagoon tickets at affordable prices. You can interact with many exotic animals and enjoy fabulous rides. The Surf Beach will also provide a rejuvenating experience for the visitors. Do you love daring activities? Then do not miss the Bungy Jumping and Sharknado Alive. However, the calmness of the waters will also refresh your minds as you go Karting.But the fun does not end here as the scrumptious meals are yet to come. Along with watching a lovely show at the Wildlife Theatre, you can have the special delicacies available. Monkey Island is the perfect place for a grand party with your friends. Finally, the camping experience can also remain an unforgettable memory forever. The Explorer's Trail presents a beautiful walking experience giving you a peaceful ambiance.

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Try some Adventurous Rides

The adventurous rides of the Sunway Lagoon Activities are categorized into six zones: Wildlife Park, Amusement Park, Scream Park, Water Park, Nickelodeon Park, and Extreme Park. Start the rides at dry park first and then head to water park to spend the rest of the day and enjoy the outstanding experience. Some of these famous rides include Kubarango, Monsoon 360, Jungle Fur, Primeval, Pirates Revenge, African Pythons, Tomahawk and Grand Canyon River Rapids.

Surf Beach at Sunway Lagon Theme Park
Enjoy at Surf Beach

This largest surf pool in the world stretches for 13,000 sq. m and is the perfect platform to practice surfing. The tropical heat will be reduced incredibly as you pass through the different African Pythons loops. Surf beach gives you tremendous pleasure by offering the long list of things to do at Sunway Lagoon Park so prepare yourself to play with the striking waters.

Exotic Animals at Sunway Lagoon
Interact With A Host Of Exotic Animals

The next activity on the list of things to do at Sunway Lagoon Park includes encounters with the exotic animals at the Wildlife Park. The place houses more than 150 species and gives a different experience than any other zoos or the wildlife sanctuaries. Moreover, you can have loads of fun while feeding the lovely animals at the Pet Village where you will be provided with an animal feeding kit. It is a complete educational tour with entertaining encounters with the wildlife like meeting the tigers at the Tiger Land and many others.

Climb at Sunway Lagoon
Climb the Wonder Steps

Climbing on the Wonder Steps is a part of your journey to the center of Lost Lagoon and is among the thrilling Sunway Lagoon Activities of the Nickelodeon Lost lagoon section. It lets you enter the enchanting world of Nickelodeons with enthralling wet adventures all over. Furthermore, you can have unlimited fun while riding the exciting 12 rides in the cascading waterfall with a lush green background inside the 10 acres of land.

Bungy Jump
Bungy Jumping

Take a big leap as you go for Malaysia's first Bungee Jump at X park or Extreme Park of Sunway. If you wish to do something daring or adventurous then go for Bungee Jumping as it will make your adrenaline rush pumped up as you keep your faith intact and take a huge leap forward. Moreover, there is a Bungee trampoline for pigeon hearted people to make the fun double with less danger.

Go Karting

One of the best Sunway Lagoon activities which you can go for is racing with your friends at Go Karting. The circuit consists of multiple twists and turns to beat your companions in the special ride. Follow the exciting path on the stupendous kart and cut through the smooth path with great speed.

G Force X
G-Force X

The Scream will prove the excitement you are having at the Extreme Park. As you engage and learn about the various things to do at Sunway Lagoon Park, G-Force X must not be missed. It is only two seconds, and the propelling will continue at a vigorous speed. The slingshot ride is the highest one in the world which ranges between 0 and 120 kilometers with a superb level of thrill.

Scream at Sharknado Alive
Scream at Sharknado Alive

The latest attraction of the Sunway Lagoon Park is the Sharknado Alive, a first of its kind that gives an unforgettable moment as you scream at the top of your voice. The short journey of only 15 minutes will make the families pass through a cumbersome walkthrough with scary experiences every moment. It is among the biggest challenges among all the Sunway Lagoon Activities.

Go for a Camping Experience

The marvels of the campout are all present in the special activity zone of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. This attraction is perfect for the fun-loving people who want to have a camping experience outside jungles. The duration is for two days and three nights in the eight tents which includes 3 Queen, 2 single, and the rest 3 as twin tents. Breakfast and tasty dinner are also served along with other facilities you get at any camp.

Scrumptious Meals
Enjoy Scrumptious Meals

There is a separate restaurant at Sunway Lagoon Park with many mouth watering delicacies. Boost your energy by visiting the great food joints with refreshing beverages as well as snacks. The three different sections include Hot & Roll, Hydration Zone, and Take 5 where you can order crispy wraps, a soft drink, or a lovely paratha that can satisfy your hunger with incredible taste.

Enjoy Shows at Sunway Lagoon
Enjoy Shows at Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon Activities remain incomplete without the amazing shows and outstanding performances that take place between 10 am and 6 pm. Meet the fabulous characters, animals, and performers while enjoying the top-class shows in this theme park. Some great shows organized here are Captain, and Lady Quack shows, Tale of Mount Berapi, Mascot Battle, SpongeBob and Patrick, and others. The place of these activities can be different in various sections of the park.

Enjoy a Day Out in Cabana
Enjoy a Day Out in Cabana

The private Cabanas are all set to make you rejoice in the moments as you chill out with your family and friends with no disturbance or unnecessary commotion. The four different styles include Family Cabana, Deluxe Cabana, Standard Cabana and VIP Cabana. The arrangements offers an air cooler/fan, beach chair, armchair, wireless pager, mini freezer, rack, rattan table, Kettle with cups, sunbed sofa, locker with keys, and towel hanger stand. However, the facilities differ according to the Cabana you select.

Party at Monkey Island
Party at Monkey Island

The fantasy becomes real as you start partying at Monkey Island which offers various holiday packages as per the tastes of the visitors. The two packages are Funky Monkey and Prime Mates. Choose the most exciting spot for a remarkable time and enjoy the awesome welcome drink for a refreshing start to your holidays. Monkey Island is known for rendering high-quality services for traversing the whole park in one day. Moreover, you will also get the awesome welcome drink for a refreshing start to your holidays.

Walk to the Explorer's Trail
Walk to the Explorer's Trail

Move forward with new enthusiasm in the Nickelodeon Park with tribals as your companions. The mystical water bodies, hills, and Marimari rapids' views are breathtaking. Hear the exotic birds chirping on the branches and enjoy the spectacles of nature fully as you cross the trail.

Watch a show at Wildlife Theatre
Watch a show at Wildlife Theatre

The last but not the least activity worth mentioning is attending the show at the Wildlife Theatre which is a unique experience. Interact with the innocent and wild creatures freely like wrapping a snake around your neck and petting the rabbits and birds. On weekdays, the show is open from 3 pm to 3.30 pm, while on public holidays and weekends, the timings are 11.20 am to 11.50 am and from 3 pm to 3.30 pm.

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FAQs for Sunway Lagoon

What are the best rides at Sunway Lagoon for kids?

    The best rides at Sunway Lagoon for kids are:

    • Water Playgrounds: The little ones can have lots of fun with the lovely splashes while being in any one of the Playgrounds. However, there is a height requirement which allows only 1.0 m here. The best water grounds include Little Zimbabwe, Water Park, and Kalahari Kids.

    • Splish Splash: Water sprays will make the kids laugh out in the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon with unlimited splashes of cool water.

    • Sandcastles on Surf Beach: Let the kids build the sandcastles on the Surf Beach and watch beautiful episodes of Dora on the television screens. Moreover, the children can also go for an exciting ride on the Bungee Trampoline.

What are the height requirements for the rides at Sunway Lagoon?

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