Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Park

Tucked amidst verdant rainforests and serene landscapes is the Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Park, the first Nickelodeon-themed Park in Asia. Offering a plethora of exciting rides and attractions to visitors, it is at this park where you can also find water slides, vibrant playgrounds, and areas for recreation. Boasting of canopy walks, stunning waterfalls and more, the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon also lets you meet some of your favourite Nickelodeon cartoon characters, including Dora the Explorer, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob SquarePants and more. Sunway Lagoon is a place where the whole family can have a lot of fun on their day out.

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SpongeBob Splash Adventure

One of the best attractions at the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon is the SpongeBob Splash Adventure, which is located amidst the ruins of the ancient civilization. Complete with beautiful waterfalls, slides, water cannons as well as geysers, it is here where you can spend some time having a lot of fun with SpongeBob and his gang from Bikini Bottom. Additionally, you can even enjoy the Great Slime Deluge celebration here, where you get to turn green for the day, amidst a lot of laughter, smiles and giggles.

Monsoon 360.jpg
Monsoon 360

Amongst the main attractions at the park is Monsoon 360, where you face forward with your arms crossed and get prepared for a vertical free fall as a trap door opens right below your feet. This is an adrenaline-pumping ride, with the free fall so intense that it reaches speeds of almost 60 kilometres per hour in less than 2 seconds. During the ride, you get to pass through various twists and turns in the forest, as you end up in a shallow pool after a fun-filled and exhilarating adventure.

jungle furry.jpg
Jungle Fury

The Jungle Fury is a one of a kind adventurous exhibit at the Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon. This ride is popular amongst the adult guests of the park, and takes you on an exhilarating journey, with surprise drops, hair-raising twists and turns and an end at a water pool. All you need to do is sit tight in your round tube float as you suddenly fall into the water pool from the slide that also lets you explore the hills here.


One of the most exciting and thrilling rides at this theme park is the Kubarango. Boasting of incredibly steep drops and sudden turns, this ride offers you an almost vertical water slide experience, and is known to leave you feeling weightless.

You can also enjoy a reversed free fall before falling down into a deep plunge pool during this ride. Remember to hold on tight to your rafts, because Kubarango is a ride that you do not want to miss.

Splish Splash.jpg
Splish Splash

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon also has the Splish Splash experience, where you can cool off, relax and unwind for some time. Perfect for adults as well as children, this attraction boasts of amazing interactive water sprays, which features different water effects, from water jets and waterfalls, to forts, control pipes as well as vibrant colours of the water equipment, to provide you with a great experience.


Consisting of three unique ride experiences, such as the Cobra Creek, Boa Constrictor and Crocodile Gully, Primeval is an attraction that takes you on a journey of this old lagoon. Boasting of exciting and sudden twists and turns, as well as drops, over trees, hills and into the gullies, this attraction is the best to enjoy the lush nature that surrounds the park. Don’t forget to scream loudly as your dual float takes you down the slides and into the shallow plunge pool.

Hippo Valley.jpg
Hippo Valley

Located right near Primeval at the Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon park is the Hippo Valley, where the river here connects into a busy waterway. From soaking in the waters here, to lazing around in your float, or even heading to the small waterfall for a dip, Hippo Valley surely is a great place to rejuvenate. You can also catch the sunsets from here, or enjoy the beauty of the surrounding rainforest until you hear tribal drums in the evening.

Wonder Steps.jpg
Wonder Steps

Wonder Steps are one of the most beautiful attractions of the Nickelodeon Park. Set amidst waterfalls, and cascading rivers, you get to climb up these stairs, which take you all the way to the centre of this lost lagoon. From witnessing the beauty of the rainforests, and listening to the sounds of thrill seekers screaming whilst enjoying a water slide, to passing by the explorer’s camps, and the huge fortress and more, Wonder Steps are surely a major highlight that you must not miss out on.

Explorer’s Campsite.jpg
Explorer’s Campsite

The park is also the basis of an amazing Explorer’s Campsite, which is a recreational area located right in the centre, where you can relax and unwind after a day full of fun. The area is quite spacious, and has several facilities, including restrooms, for the convenience of visitors. In addition to relaxing here, visitors can also indulge in fun-filled picnics or feast with their friends and family, and end the day in a more memorable manner.

Explorers’ Trail.jpg
Explorers’ Trail

Your visit to the Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Park will not be complete without going on the Explorers’ Trail here. Set out on a journey with the tribesmen here, and go on a journey amidst the trees, as you listen to the sounds of the gushing waterfalls, the chirping of birds and giggles of other visitors of the park. Soak in beautiful views of the MariMari Rapids, the small ponds and river streams, the surrounding hills and more when you are on the trail.

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Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Park FAQs

Which cartoon characters can we meet at Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Park?

    SpongeBob SquarePants:A nickelodeon classic, you can get a chance to meet the famous underwater hero SpongeBob at the Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon park. He is a very optimistic character, who lives in a pineapple in Bikini Bottom and has a pet snail. Patrick Star:Another one of the popular characters from the SpongeBob series that you can meet at this park is Patrick Star, a sea star, who likes to sleep. He is SpongeBob’s close friend, and they love to play pranks and jokes around them. Dora The Explorer:You can also meet Dora the Explorer at this park. Dora is always ready for a new adventure, and is always accompanied by Boots, her best friend. She is always found with her backpack, and helps viewers learn Spanish vocabulary during the episodes. Boots:At this park, you can meet Boots along with Dora. Boots is a funny monkey, who is also Dora’s best friend and accompanies her on her adventures. He also wears red boots, and is a kind and loveable character. Leonardo:At this theme park, you can get a chance to meet Leonardo, the leader of the Ninja Turtles, and a perfect hero. He is shown as a brave character who loves to study a lot.

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