Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park

The Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park offers an excellent location for thrill seekers to unleash their best selves. The park offers a range of fun thrill sports tailored to the entire family, each one catering to different thrill appetites.

While the G Force X or the Bungee Jumping would be ideally suited for the most adventurous visitors, those looking for a comparatively milder experience could always opt for a kayaking adventure. Visiting groups of friends would also have an excellent time challenging each other at the Go Karting arena, or trying to secure the highest points in the Paintball Target Shooting adventure.

Bungy Jump.jpg
Bungy Jump

The Bungy Jump at the Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park is also the first bungee jumping experience to open in Malaysia. The jump has one quite literally take the leap of faith as they dive headfirst to the grounds from a height. Although bungee jumping is an extreme sport, the activity is entirely supervised and does not require any prior experience.

G Force X.jpg
G Force X

Priding in its status as the highest slingshot ride in all of Asia, the G Force X is one of the biggest attractions at the Sunway Lagoon X Park. The ride has one strapped to a capsule and propelled to extreme heights, with the speed skyrocketing from 0 to 120mph in just less than two seconds!

Go Kart.jpg
Go Kart

The Go Kart adventure at Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park offers the perfect spot to challenge one’s friends to a round of adventure. The Go Kart circuit at the park has its fair share of twists and turns, but is quite easy to navigate. Each Kart seats only one rider and has to be manually driven. Although mainly a draw for adults, the Go Kart adventure is open to kids above the age of 12 as well.

sunway lagoon kayaking.jpg

If you’re looking to tone down the thrill level in your day of adventure, a kayaking expedition could be an excellent means of doing so. Kayaking through the waters at Sunway Lagoon, one catches a beautiful glimpse of the park forests as well. There’s no need to worry even if you're not experienced in the sport- kayaking is fairly easy to learn, and you’ll get hold of it in no time!

bungee trampoline.jpg
Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline is one of the most unique adventures at the extreme park in Sunway Lagoon. The adventure combines two extreme sports- namely, bungy jumping and trampolining. Harnessed to a bungee rope, one plummets down onto a trampoline below, only to hit the bouncing surface and immediately shoot up! Like Bungee Jumping, this adventure too, is fully supervised at the Park.

Paintball Target Shooting.jpg
Paintball Target Shooting

The Paintball Target Shooting is a fun adventure sport that allows one to hone their shooting skill, but using paint. The targets are placed at a distance, and each shooter is provided with a specific number of paint pellets. The aim of the game is to shoot as accurately as possible until the pellets run out. Scores are tallied for each individual player according to the accuracy of each hit, and the player with the highest score at the end wins!

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Sunway Lagoon Park FAQs

What are the height requirements for Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park?

    • Paintball Target Shooting, Pedal Boating and Archery Target Shooting: Must be 1.1m tall
    • G-Force X: Must be 1.3m tall
    • All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Go Kart: Must be 12 years old and above

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