Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park

Packed with some of Malaysia’s best adventure attractions, the Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park nestles in the Bandar Sunway region. The amusement park is home to an array of thrills, rides and attractions, catering to visitors across all age groups and thrill appetites.

While the youngest visitors would feel right at home at the Carousel and the Fun World, older guests would find repose in the Lost City of Gold Coaster or the Pirate’s Revenge, with its 360 degree mid-air turn. The Amusement Park in Sunway Lagoon is also home to some of the most unique attractions in the country, including Malaysia’s longest suspended bridge.


The traditional carousel ride is sure to tickle the senses of every kid at Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park! The Carousel features child-sized horses and carriages that gently bob up and down as the carousel spins. Although a children’s attraction, the adults are also permitted to ride on the Carousel with their wards.

Fun World
Fun World

The Fun World at Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park recreates a traditional fair experience. The stalls at Fun World feature a range of games tailored for both children and adults alike.

Stick a Card and Lobster Pot are two of the many fair-styled games offered here, with their counters managed by park’s ever-friendly staff. Winners go home with little gifts and tokens, ranging from child-sized plushies to themed merchandise!

Pirate's Revenge
Pirate's Revenge

One of the more extreme rides at the Amusement Park in Sunway Lagoon, Pirate’s Revenge is best suited for adults or older children looking for a hit of thrill. At first glance, the Pirate’s Revenge is a traditional pirate ship ride that swings to and fro.

What one doesn't expect, however, is the way the ship turns a full 360 degree during its swing! So fasten your seatbelts, and be prepared to be literally swept off your feet on the ride. Owing to its extreme nature, the Pirate’s Revenge ride should not be tried by those suffering from severe physical ailments.

Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

Perhaps the most popular of attractions at the Amusement Park in Sunway Lagoon, the Pedestrian Suspension Bridge also prides itself in being the longest suspension bridge in all of Malaysia.

At 482 meters in length, the Bridge connects the two extreme ends of the lagoon- the water park at one end, and the wildlife park at the other. Apart from the sheer thrill of walking mid-air, the Pedestrian Suspension Bridge also promises excellent views of the Park and the lagoon sprawling up around it.

Lost City Of Gold Scream Coaster
Lost City Of Gold Scream Coaster

The Lost City of Gold is one of the first rides one comes across upon entering through the gates of the theme park. A traditional roller coaster ride, the ride is short but filled with a fair share of thrill.

The Lost City of Gold jam packed with several sharp twists and turns, along with a short stint through a pitch black tunnel. The adventure ride is best suited for adults and older children under supervision.

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Sunway Lagoon Park FAQs

Which are some of the best rides at Sunway Lagoon Park?

    Some of the best rides at Sunway Lagoon Park are:

    Pirate’s Revenge: Although appearing as a traditional Pirate Ship ride, the Pirate’s Revenge raises the thrill level up by a notch with its 360 degree turn at the hilt.

    Pedestrian Suspension Bridge: Commanding beautiful views of the lagoon sprawling below, the Pedestrian Suspension Bridge is one of the best and biggest attractions at the Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park. The Bridge not only connects the two fag ends of the lagoon, but also offers a great spot for photography at the Park.

    Lost City of Gold: Sunway Lagoon’s very own rollercoaster ride, the Lost City of Gold packs a punch. The ride features several sharp twists, turns and dark tunnel rides, the combined thrill of which makes up for its short duration.

    Carousel: The ideal ride for the park’s youngest guests, the traditional Carousel Ride features child sized horses gently bobbing up and down to circus music. Adults are allowed to accompany children as well.

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